Get Started with Kepler

Learn how to use Kepler

1- Add your Instagram account

In order to add your Instagram you should follow this link

Add account 00bd041d675b5a6418c430a8ba4c64bb8bc851b49f30e0b349d759a0c1ecd7a4

2- Make sure your account is logged in and running

You will be redirected to your dashboard where you'll see the details of your account. Make sure your account is "Running"

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If it's not running you might have entered a wrong password, you can click "Edit your password" and once edited you need to click on "Relog in".
Set your hashtags

This is an important step! The bot won't start doing anything unless you give him some hashtags to scan. As a reminder: Keplerbot will be launched every hour, scan hashtags, like pictures and/or follow people for you.

Add hashtag 7ce6162a5d1178acf2cfb493aa1b86a9e79c1cbf016b184f59b25a4a90d44c0a

You can then click "Add hashtag" and enter them here. (one hashtag per entry)

We recommend at least 10 hashtags.

If you have more questions reach out to us here: email Kepler